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Explosive Mint Chewing Gum

Deliciously Fruity with a Hint of Mint

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Why Is Grenades Gum So Strong?

Glad you asked. There's a ton of reasons why people chew gum, but a large majority chew it to freshen their breath or get some yucky taste out their mouth. Well we figured, if you're going to chew it for that you might as well go big! But it'd be more fun to list what YOU have told us the reasons are and why you love it so!

  • After eating 1000 cloves of garlic
  • When your spouse thinks you quit smoking
  • When your sinus is clogged and 10 Claritins aren't cutting it
  • When your boss sticks you with the graveyard shift

Trying Grenades Gum for the First Time

"Don't know who the madmen are that made Grenades, but I love them and their insane gum! Honestly, the best gum ever!"

J. Peterson

Kent, WA

"Seriously amazing gum. Got a sample at a tradeshow and have been hooked ever since. The menthol is strong and addicting. Share with a friend!"

Brandi F.

Carson City, NV

"I work the graveyard shift and these things are a lifesaver. Me and my coworkers eat this stuff like candy. The mint definitely will wake you   up!"

Jordan C.

Pittsburg, PA

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