For Ultimate Fresh Breath & Blowing Up Your Sinuses

So Grenades Gum, What is it?

Glad you asked. Grenades Gum is an incredibly powerful mint chewing gum with a menthol explosion that will punch you in the sinuses. Each flavor has what we like to call a 'Blast Factor' Rating. Simply put, the higher the number, the more powerful the mint kick.

Grenades Gum comes in a variety of flavors, but make no mistake, they ALL have an icy, cold mint blast. Grenades Gum is NOT A FRUITY GUM. It's a strong-ass mint gum with different fruit flavors mixed in (applies to the fruit flavors only, of course).

Grenades Gum is not for the faint of heart and we definitely don't recommend that you give one to your kid. Some people think we're exaggerating but, Grenade Gum's mint power takes it to a whole different level.

But Why the Crazy, Strong Mint?

Fresh Breath

Most people chew gum to freshen their breath. We figured, if you're going to chew it for that, you might as well get your money's worth! Coffee, garlic, cigarettes and whatever else you put in your mouth don't stand a chance!

Mask Breath

Mask breath. It's real. Now days, having fresh breath isn't just for when you're talking to other people. Since masks are the norm, it's about fresh breath for yourself too! Just like others don't want to smell what you ate for lunch, you probably don't either...

The Sinuses

Sinuses are great! We all have them. We love them. Grenades Gum loves them too. They're like best friends, and friends support each other. So when pricks like pollen and dust come along, friends have your back.

Oh, and...

  • Grenades is sugar free
  • Grenades has NO aspartame
  • Doesn't get hard even after hours of chewing
  • Bigger piece of gum

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Explosive Mint Chewing Gum

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The Grenades Gum Experience

"Don't know who the madmen are that made Grenades, but I love them and their insane gum! Honestly, the best gum ever!"

J. Peterson

Kent, WA

"Seriously amazing gum. Got a sample at a tradeshow and have been hooked ever since. The menthol is strong and addicting. Share with a friend!"

Brandi F.

Carson City, NV

"I work the graveyard shift and these things are a lifesaver. Me and my coworkers eat this stuff like candy. The mint definitely will wake you   up!"

Jordan C.

Pittsburg, PA

Grenades Chews

Refreshingly yummy, soft-chew candy!

Got a sweet-tooth craving that needs satisfying? Look no further. Grenades Chews are a sumptuous, incredibly yummy, fruity soft-chew candy with juuuust a tiny hint of mint.

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