What is Grenades Gum?

Grenades is a powerful, explosively intense, sugar free gum with an icy cool kick unlike anything you've experienced before! It's a mind numbing, brain freezing, sinus shocking experience that you won't soon forget. Grenades Gum doesn't just freshen your breath, it obliterates it.


What makes Grenades Gum different from other gum?

Power, power and more power. Grenades Gum packs a powerful mint blast that will leave you speechless; think Rottweiler and Chihuahua.


Are the fruit flavors minty too?

You damn right they are!


What do the Blast Factor ratings mean?

The Grenades Gum Blast Factor rating is a rating system based on the power of a particular gum. The higher the rating, the stronger you can expect the minty blast of the gum to be.


What is the highest Blast Factor rated gum available?

10! And it can't get higher than that! Or can it....?


Does Grenades Gum contain aspartame?

Nope. Grenades Gum is an aspartame free gum.


Is Grenades Gum sugar free?



Where can I purchase Grenades Gum?

Currently Grenades Gum is sold in most retail stores in Hawaii. For mainland and international customers, you can purchase Grenades Gum online via our website.


Is Grenades Gum safe for children?

Small objects, like gum balls, may inadvertently become lodged in the throat. They are not appropriate for small children and should be kept out of their reach.


Will Grenades Gum help me get more dates?

We can't guarantee it, but we are confident in saying that if you don't, it won't be because of your breath.


Will Grenades Gum cover up smoke or alcohol breath?

Please, please don't ask us that...


Will I be able to blow things up by chewing Grenades Gum like they do in your commercial?

Unfortunately no.


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